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Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to enpower others.

* Deceased


1963-64 Jewel Brown

1964-65 Iris Porter, CMA-A (AAMA)

1966-67 Virginia Arey

1967-68 Ann Jarrell, CMA (AAMA)

1968-69 Mary Jane Simmons, CMA-C (AAMA)

1969-70 Ann McClure & Sue Baggs

1971-72 *Joan Michaels, CMA-A (AAMA) LIFE MEMBER

1972-74 *Ottilie Kirby, CMA-A (AAMA), Barbara Godwin, Ruby Guigou Graybeal

1974-75 Ruth Patterson, CMA-AC (AAMA) Honorary Member

1975-76 *Sarah Covington, CMA-A (AAMA)

1976-77 Jean Hathaway, CMA-A (AAMA)

1977-78 Ann Baker, CMA-AC (AAMA)

1978-79 Betty Hall, CMA-A (AAMA)

1979-80 *Marynell DeWeese, CMA-AC (AAMA)

1980-81 Ann Crews, CMA-AC Ped (AAMA)

1981-82 JoAnn Kistler, CMA (AAMA)

1982-83 *Sharon Austin, CMA (AAMA)

1983-84 Beverly Ramsey, CMA (AAMA)

1984-85 *Lois Brown, CMA (AAMA)

1985-86 Linda Sides, CMA-A (AAMA)

1986-87 Cynthia Furr, CMA-A (AAMA)

1987-88 Stella Gallop, CMA-AC (AAMA) LIFE MEMBER

1988-89 Nina Watson, CMA (AAMA)

1989-90 Pat Thompson, CMA (AAMA)

1990-91 Nancy Peeden, CMA (AAMA)

1991-92 Jackie Albritton, CMA (AAMA)

1992-93 Marilyn Mainwaring, CMA (AAMA)

1993-94 Dianne Carriker, CMA-A (AAMA)

1994-95 Kaye Acton, CMA (AAMA)

1995-96 J. Renee Collins

1996-97 Barbara Biggs

1997-98 Becky Keller, CMA (AAMA)

1998-99 Mildred Whitaker, CMA (AAMA)

1999-00 Rebecca Walker, CMA (AAMA)

2000-01 Marge Ottofy, CMA (AAMA)

2001-02 Ruth Durham, CMA (AAMA)

2002-03 Laura Durham, CMA (AAMA)

2003-04 Elaine Norman, CMA (AAMA)

2004-05 Betty Jones

2005-06 Maria van de Bovenkamp, CMA (AAMA)

2006-07 Glenn Grady, CMA (AAMA)

2007-08 Shirley Sawyer, CMA (AAMA)

2008-09 Patty Henry, CMA (AAMA)

2009-10 Lisa Cunningham, CMA (AAMA)

2010-11 Shirley Sawyer, CMA (AAMA)

2011-12 Lisa Johnson, CMA (AAMA)

2012-13 Shannon Mitchell, CMA (AAMA)

2013-14 Katherine Dee Dee Edwards, CMA (AAMA)

2014-15 Lois Graham, CMA (AAMA)

2015-16 Stephanie Hodgin, CMA (AAMA)

2016-17 Paula Cooke, CMA (AAMA)




2016 Past Presidents Parade

Joan Michaels 1939-2017


Joan Michaels, CMA-A (AAMA) was a role-model, a mentor, an example, a dedicated member, a leader, a friend, an advocate, a teacher, a life-long learner, and most importantly of all she was a medical assistant. She was a charter member of NCSMA and the youngest AAMA President. She was devoted to AAMA and gave much to the organization she loved, but was the first to explain to anyone that AAMA and NCSMA had always given her more than she had given them. READ MORE