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Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to enpower others.

* Deceased


1963-64 Jewel Brown

1964-65 Iris Porter, CMA-A (AAMA)

1966-67 Virginia Arey

1967-68 Ann Jarrell, CMA (AAMA)

1968-69 Mary Jane Simmons, CMA-C (AAMA)

1969-70 Ann McClure & Sue Baggs

1971-72 *Joan Michaels, CMA-A (AAMA) LIFE MEMBER

1972-74 *Ottilie Kirby, CMA-A (AAMA), Barbara Godwin, Ruby Guigou Graybeal

1974-75 Ruth Patterson, CMA-AC (AAMA) Honorary Member

1975-76 *Sarah Covington, CMA-A (AAMA)

1976-77 Jean Hathaway, CMA-A (AAMA)

1977-78 Ann Baker, CMA-AC (AAMA)

1978-79 Betty Hall, CMA-A (AAMA)

1979-80 *Marynell DeWeese, CMA-AC (AAMA)

1980-81 Ann Crews, CMA-AC Ped (AAMA)

1981-82 JoAnn Kistler, CMA (AAMA)

1982-83 *Sharon Austin, CMA (AAMA)

1983-84 Beverly Ramsey, CMA (AAMA)

1984-85 *Lois Brown, CMA (AAMA)

1985-86 Linda Sides, CMA-A (AAMA)

1986-87 Cynthia Furr, CMA-A (AAMA)

1987-88 Stella Gallop, CMA-AC (AAMA) LIFE MEMBER

1988-89 Nina Watson, CMA (AAMA)

1989-90 Pat Thompson, CMA (AAMA)

1990-91 Nancy Peeden, CMA (AAMA)

1991-92 Jackie Albritton, CMA (AAMA)

1992-93 Marilyn Mainwaring, CMA (AAMA)

1993-94 Dianne Carriker, CMA-A (AAMA)

1994-95 Kaye Acton, CMA (AAMA)

1995-96 J. Renee Collins

1996-97 Barbara Biggs

1997-98 Becky Keller, CMA (AAMA)

1998-99 Mildred Whitaker, CMA (AAMA)

1999-00 Rebecca Walker, CMA (AAMA)

2000-01 Marge Ottofy, CMA (AAMA)

2001-02 Ruth Durham, CMA (AAMA)

2002-03 Laura Durham, CMA (AAMA)

2003-04 Elaine Norman, CMA (AAMA)

2004-05 Betty Jones

2005-06 Maria van de Bovenkamp, CMA (AAMA)

2006-07 Glenn Grady, CMA (AAMA)

2007-08 Shirley Sawyer, CMA (AAMA)

2008-09 Patty Henry, CMA (AAMA)

2009-10 Lisa Cunningham, CMA (AAMA)

2010-11 Shirley Sawyer, CMA (AAMA)

2011-12 Lisa Johnson, CMA (AAMA)

2012-13 Shannon Mitchell, CMA (AAMA)

2013-14 Katherine Dee Dee Edwards, CMA (AAMA)

2014-15 Lois Graham, CMA (AAMA)

2015-16 Stephanie Hodgin, CMA (AAMA)

2016-17 Paula Cooke, CMA (AAMA)




2016 Past Presidents Parade