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The Fifth Annual meeting was held on April 12-13, 1969 in Salisbury.  Anne McClure was elected President at the annual meeting.  Brenda Curlee, Salisbury, was elected President-Elect; Sue Baggs, Concord, elected Vice President; Joan Michaels, Charlotte, elected Secretary; and Elizabeth Michaels elected Treasurer.   Anne McClure resigned at the July Board of Directors meeting and Sue Baggs, Vice President, assumed the office of President for the rest of the year.  The House of Delegates also discussed problems with having a Spring annual meeting and how it meant there would be two presidents serving on the Board of Directors each year if local chapters followed a calendar year for their elections.  The House voted to change the date to November, rather than April for the 1970 Annual meeting.


November 14-15, 1970 was the Sixth Annual meeting in Fayetteville, NC. Brenda Curlee, Salisbury, became President and Joan Michaels, Charlotte became President Elect.


October 22-23, 1971 was the Seventh Annual meeting in Durham, NC.  Joan Michaels, Charlotte,became President and Ottilie Kirby, Fayetteville, became President-Elect.


November 3-5, 1972 was the Eighth Annual meeting in Wrightsville Beach.  Ottilie Kirby, Fayetteville,  became President; Barbara Godwin, Fayetteville, First Vice President; Ruby Guigou, Morganton, 2nd Vice President; Ruth Patterson, Concord, President-Elect.  The House of Delegates voted to return to the spring months (March, April, May) for our Annual Meeting because chapters from the mountains often had problems with fall/winter weather. This eliminated a fall, 1973 annual meeting and the next annual meeting would be spring, 1974.  During the next 18 months, Ottilie Kirby, President, resigned as she was leaving the medical assisting field; Barbara Godwin, lst V-P became president and later had to resign because of illness; Ruby Guigou, Morganton, 2nd V-P assumed the role of State President.  Ruby presided at the 1974 annual meeting, in Winston Salem,  the third state President during this 18 month period.


The Ninth Annual Meeting was held in Winston Salem, April 26-28, 1974 and Ruth Patterson, Concord, was installed as President and Sarah Covington, Charlotte, became President Elect.


The Tenth Annual Meeting was held in Wrightsville Beach, May 15-18, 1975, when Ruth Patterson, Concord, completed her year as President and Sarah Covington, Charlotte, NC was installed as President for 1975-1976.  Celia Esmonde, Raleigh, became President-Elect.  


In July, 1975, Celia moved to Canada and resigned her position.  Sue Baggs, Vice President, Concord, became President .  A special meeting of the House of Delegates was called in December, to elect a President-Elect. Jean Hathaway, Monroe, was unanimously elected by the House of Delegates and was installed in Asheville at the 11th Annual Meeting.


So, the Tenth Annual meeting was actually held12 years after our State Association was “born”, but there were two years when our officers served  18 months, in 1965 and in 1973.  This brought us to the 50th House of Delegates in our 52nd year (1963 – 2015).


Compiled by Ruth M. Patterson, EdD, North Carolina’s first CMA-AC.



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