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New Chapter Resource Guide

Chapter Management

AAMA Chapter Management Guide is full of helpful tips and things you need to know about managing your chapter and can be found at:



Also provided is a sample chapter installation service for incoming officers. Many local chapters traditionally use a service to formally recognize the changeover from one year’s officers to the next.  Sample Chapter Officer Installation


Chapter Webpage

Did you know you have your own webpage? The NCSMA website at www.ncsma.org has a page devoted to your chapter. It is a blank slate for you to list any information you may feel is helpful to your chapter members such as:

- Chapter officers with contact info (no addresses please, just telephone and email)

- Meeting information (where do you meet, when do you meet, what time do you meet)

-Any special events your chapter may be planning

-Whatever information you want members or potential members to know (try and keep the information as generic as possible, because unless you update it the information will not change, so it is better to provide information like: We meet on the first Thursday of the month in Education Room 134 of the Anytown Hospital Annex, located at 123 N Main Street at 6:30 pm, rather than giving a particular date, unless you want to change it every month.)

- Email either rlwalkercma@gmail.com and use NCSMA website in the subject line to get your webpage started today!


Chapter Program Planners

As a new chapter one of the services you can provide to your chapter members is AAMA approved continuing educational programs. The best resource for program planners is available at: http://www.aama-ntl.org/st_chapter/pp-toolbox.aspx


Chapter Representation on the State Level

As an official chapter you have representation on the NCSMA Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. The Board of Directors meets four times a year and the House of Delegates meets during the annual convention and is subject to a called meeting, if necessary.

-Board of Directors Meetings – each chapter is entitled to one representative to vote on behalf of the chapter in matters pertaining to the state. This representative is usually the chapter president, but if they are unable to attend another chapter member may be designated:

-Preconvention – on Thursday evening just prior to the beginning of the annual convention (held in the Spring and includes at least two full days of AAMA approved continuing educational offerings)

-Post convention – on Sunday morning just after the close of the annual convention

-Summer Seminar – on Saturday evening or Sunday morning after the AAMA approved continuing educational meetings on a Saturday (usually scheduled in July or August, but can be in other months)

-Winter Seminar- on Saturday evening or Sunday morning after the educational meetings on a Saturday (usually scheduled in January)

-House of Delegates Meeting – chapter representation is base on chapter membership, but each chapter is allowed at least three representatives. Chapter and state bylaws state the requirements for these representatives:

-Scheduled on Friday during the annual convention

-Delegates packet is sent to each delegate, which includes orientation materials

-An orientation and the packet is available on the NCSMA website for all members


NCSMA Website

The NCSMA website is a great source for information about the state society. Included on the website are:

-State sponsored educational events, so you will be able to find dates, registration forms, and other event information

-Current state officer listing along with contact information. If you have a question start with the President who can either provide the answer or find it for you!

-Tempo, the awarding winning NCSMA newsletter, is also available on-line, so you can review the past copies and catch up on the news of our society.

-Documents used by our state society, including the state bylaws (a must read for all new chapters)

-Job postings for CMA (AAMA) positions around the state

-And even more! Updates are made regularly, so bookmark the page and check it often!